Basic Security Checklist (12)

By design our servers are secure. The security level of your site depends on the code that is uploaded to SiteXcel Host's Servers. The following checklist is a good collection of security tips offered for review to ensure your web site is as secure as possible.

Client Area (15)

Support Tickets, CA Password, Login, Ordering, Pay Invoices, Register Domains, Billing Info, Personal Info, Review Emails, Review Hosting and Services

CPanel (13)

Navigating cPanel, Changing Style, Changing Password, Contact Information, cPanel Login

Databases (13)

Importing databases and tables with phpMyAdmin, Inserting fields into database tables with phpMyAdmin, Deleting tables in a database with phpMyAdmin, Exporting databases and tables with phpMyAdmin

Domain Names (15)

Subdomains, Add-ons, Parking, Updating Your DNS at SiteXcel Host,,,, and other registers.

Ecommerce or Online Store (13)

All online store, configurations, Affiliate, Linked Products and Orders, Ecommerce, Shopping Carts and how to.

Email Address (13)

Effective Email Management, Default Account, Create POP Account, Auto-Responder, Forwarding, Trace an Email Address, Using Webmail in Cpanel

Email Programs (3)

Outlook 2000, 2003 & 2007, Outlook Express, Eudora, Incredimail, Netscape, Opera, Pegasus, Thunderbird, Windows Mail

File Manager (17)

Backing up Web site, Adding FTP Accounts, Using Web Disk, File Manager, Disk Usage Viewer, .htaccess

FTP Programs (4)

Configure, Upload and Manage files with CuteFTP, FileZilla, FTP Voyager, SmartFTP, WinSCP and WS_FTP.

Hack? (3)

What you need to do immediately after clean up

Hosting Record How tos (2)

Learn the difference between an A record, CNAME and others and how to set them.

Joomla (CMS) (4)

Joomla content management software, managing your software

Malware (0)

malware security

Managing Your Site (9)

Managing and Maintaining your website built using CMS or Wordpress software

Online Security (9)

Website Security, Client Data and Content Protection, SiteLock, SSLs, Secure Certificates, Website Scanners, Site Monitors and etc

Web Hosting (16)

Hosting, cPanel and Network and Management, Server, Bytes, Setting Up File Permission, Favicon and IP Address

Web Hosting Glossary (1)

Glossary of Popular words associated with Web Hosting

Website Design (3)

Web design and all you need to know

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